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Speedy Bail Bonds is one of the most reputable full service bail bond companies in state of New Jersey. We have been doing business for more than 10 years.



GoWe can answer ALL your bail bond needs. We can write any kind of bond including federal bonds, criminal bail bonds, DUI and traffic bail bonds.

GoOur polite and courtesous professional staff will personally answer all phone calls. Your call will always be answered by a licensed bail bondsman who can answer all your questions.

GoWe work with you. We work with you throughout the court process, including weekly checkins.

GoNew Jersey Attorney Referrals welcome.

First Steps

Our polite and courteous professional staff will personally answer all calls.

GoFull legal name, birthdate and SSN of party
GoWhat is the name of the facility they are at?
GoIs it a county, state, or federal facility?
GoWhat is the charge?
GoWhat is the booking number?
GoWho is the arresting agency?
GoHow much is the bail amount?


For RentIf there is a warrant pending for you, a friend or a loved one's arrest, we can help. Don't risk the embarrassment of arrest or the inconvenience of missed days of work.

If you have an outstanding warrant you have three choices:


GoTurn yourself in to the county jail
GoPay the full amount of the bail
GoPost a bond with a licensed bail bonds company
such as Speedy Bail Bonds


What to Bring

FPROne of our bail administrators will go over all the necessary documentiation for your specific case, but at a minimum, you will neeed the following:

GoTwo forms of photo ID (current and valid)
GoProof of employment or recent tax filing
GoProof of address (utility/electric bill, etc.)


For RentWhen a person is arrested for a crime, they are usually taken to a local detention facility for booking before they are sent to jail. Speedy Bail Bonds has compiled the phone numbers and addresses for local sheriffs and correctional facilities throughout New Jersey.


GoWe get to the applicant within 1 hr.
GoIt takes approx. 30 min. to complete paperwork
GoAfter the jail receives our paperwork, the release time is usually an hour or less for local police stations.  County jails and larger holding facilities generally take longer.

What it Costs

FPRNo fine print or gotcha-schemes here. Our fee schedule is very straight forward. We accept cash, certified checks, and all major credit cards.


Go$100 for traffic bonds
Go10% premium for all bonds over $1000
Go$30 filing fee (Superior Court)

GoEasy payment plans available.



Get EducatedIf you have never had the need to obtain a bail bond, the process can be very intimidating in an already difficult time. Here are some helpful links to get started


GoOverview of the Bail Bonds Process
GoThe Criminal Process in New Jersey
GoBail Bond Laws in New Jersey
GoPolice Stations by County



What You Need to Know


We value your trust. All personal information is considered private and confidential. The only people with access to it is designated bail bonds staff and the proper authorities.

Your personal information will never be released to any third party unless it is necessary for the bail process in your particular case. All information that is not essentail to this process will not be released.

Ask a member of our staff for a full description of their Confidentiality Policy.


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